Yes, Moist

So, you know the typical office scenario – people buy cakes, even better  people bake cakes at home (well, in some cases better!) competing one another – blame the crazy “British bake off” mania. And then someone goes “wow, tastes great, so light and so  M O I S T!!!!! BOOOM! the REACTION!!! women’s faces squeeze like when eating the sharpest lemon or gherkin in the world and they almost look like Shar Pei puppies:) No offence anyone.

MOIST MOIST MOIST MOIST …so it can be related  “the air was moist and heavy” or “her brother’s eyes became moist” – another word for slightly wet; damp or humid…

or as pretty obvious, women think of a lot of things but cakes! typically…sexually lubricated (of the vagina), sexually turned on. So why is it that bad?? It’s not like we would cringe if we could have the best time of our lives with the most gorgeous looking men. In between the bed sheets clearly! So when the magic happens …. you do need a bit of m…t! Oops, might be a bit of too much detail for some, sorry…hmmm, I’m not really.

This makes me think, does the “Fifty shades of grey” novel feature the M word? I wouldn’t know as I haven’t read it but seeing women on tubes and trains looking shocked and giggling with blushing cheeks…myabe it does…?

 Anyways, this is my humble point of view so if you like it, good and if not, keep it to yourself;)