CAMEL TOE dilemma

I’m going to go straight to the point here. Here we go. I know what camel toe is but have I seen one staring right at me before?! I’m trying to keep professional at that awkward moment and look away…how has this happened?? Do I tell them and embarrass them or do I mind my own business? I decide to leave it and ask my friends for their opinion later. It’s pretty funny how this subject can turn into a mini debate. Some say it’s probably body anatomy, wrong size underwear or too skinny jeans/trousers…you decide.

On another note, I’d love to know what runs through men’s minds when they “meet & greet” camel toes? Do they find it off-putting, slightly on a cheap side maybe or weirdly attractive at all?? Honestly, I have no idea, no joke so if any men read this, enlighten me please.

I’d like to believe that I’ve never had this problem before (if you can call it a problem) and if I ever do and I’m not aware of it, I’d hope that my friends would have the courage to tell me. I can think of one or two of “straight talking” girlfriends who would definitely say something silly to laugh it off.

I’ve asked one of my male friends if he’d say something to his wife in such situation and his answer did make sense. If they were out on town already, he wouldn’t probably say anything as it would most likely spoil her night out (hmm, or more likely his night?! just kidding). If it was more of a closer to home situation where she could do something about it, he’d definitely would point it out (I’m sure in the most sensitive way possible to avoid being slapped).

What about you, would you say something??