Are women who swear less attractive?

My close friends told me I’ve been swearing more and more lately…! now…I don’t like a lot of criticism but I know they are not say it maliciously so it’s fair enough and point’s taken. It’s just made me think about women swearing and whether it is unattractive to the point of even turning men off. Admittedly, when I heard a woman swearing at a retail customer services staff a while ago, my first impression of her was of a vulgar person from some grotty estate; says the one swearing like there’s no tomorrow!! no judgement there, clearly!

But then, here’s another thing – if someone is well spoken and dressed well and swear words tend to slip out now and then – is that less unattractive than if it was someone common looking?? Are our acceptance levels of swearing linked to our social status? i.e. working class, middle class and so on….or am I looking at this from a totally wrong angle and it is just ‘black and white’ matter – swearing / not swearing, full stop.

One of my male friend’s view is that ‘common’ swearing is disgusting but ‘classy’ swearing is totally appropriate. And also that “if it is swearing for the sake of it, then it’s unattractive in anyone but pointed swearing is totally acceptable” I should’ve asked him to clarify what exactly he meant by ‘common’ and ‘classy’ swearing but I guess that brings me back to what I meant in my question regarding the social status.

This can lead to a debate.

My other excuse for swearing is (and hopefully some others might agree) that swearing in a second language (in my case English) doesn’t feel that wrong and doesn’t bother me as much as swearing in my native mother tongue.  Trust me, my mama would slap me hard for it, no matter what my age!
And to top it all off, I’ve found the below article by The Independent paper, which links swearing more to a high IQ – so maybe I am onto something here:)

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